Lara’s Wellness Lessons from the Wild ~ Great Plains Conservation

  Sitting with Lara Delafield, Wellness Consultant for the Great Plains Conservation’s beautiful camps and lodges across Africa, I watch the words fall from her lips like petals from a wildflower in the wind. Petals so beautiful and intricate and complex that I gaze at […]

The Pursuit of Happiness ~ Ellerman House Remembers

  Looking back on the past decade, we wanted to remember the moments that stood out, that changed us, moved us and amazed us. We asked the team at Ellerman House in Cape Town to share their favourite uplifting moments and stories from the hotel. […]

A Relais & Châteaux Rendez-vous in Londontown

  The Beatles sang their great call for the world to come together and live as one. And there in Londontown for a week in November, it felt like we did. Hundreds of us, from Relais & Châteaux hotels, lodges, camps, restaurants around the world, in […]

The Wonders of a Woman Named Wayve ~ Ellerman House’s Sommelier

Wayve Kolevsohn, Sommelier at Ellerman House, has become the first female in Africa to pass the Court of Master Sommeliers Certified Sommelier exam. Widely considered to be the benchmark for international sommeliers in the USA and most of Europe, this prestigious qualification has never before […]

We Found Love in a Pink-Walled Boulangerie ~ Reunion Island

  It’s said that the trick to getting a sleepy, reluctant mind ready for a run or hike is to put on your socks and shoes and tie up the laces, nice and tight. This simple activity fools the body into thinking it’s ready. It’s […]