The Sacred Heart of Madagascar

In moments like this, I can never tell whether my heart is beating faster, wilder, its doof doof doof building dizzily, or whether it has stopped. What I do know is that it is not rested in the in-between. And it is not on terra-firma, wherever it is, whatever it’s up to. Moments like this […]

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Delair Graff
Romancing the Stone

  You haven’t finished exploring the Cape Winelands until you’ve turned up the winding driveway to Delaire Graff Estate. Travellers visit for the cuisine and wine, the vineyards and views over the Stellenbosch Valley, and the lodges and spa. But there’s another side to the Estate’s allure. Before he started Delaire Graff Estate, owner Laurence Graff founded Graff Diamonds […]

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The Route du Bonheur Diaries | Bushmans Kloof Part 1

A group of travellers head into a wilderness at the foothills of the Cederberg Mountains. 270 km from Cape Town, from home, they are on a road trip from coast (Ellerman House), to vineyard (Delaire Graff Estate), to mountain (Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat), to secret garden (The Cellars-Hohenort) and have just reached their third destination. […]

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The Route du Bonheur Diaries | Delaire Graff Estate

Above: The driveway leading up to the Delaire Graff Estate We all have our own way of pressing reset, of coming back to ourselves after losing our footing in the flurry of forces internal or external. The open road has always done this for me, preferably a long road with the car heading somewhere far enough to […]

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Delaire Graff
The Secret To Understanding Art

Above: Anton Smit’s Faith sculpture greet guests as they arrive at Delaire Graff Estate Most of us start out in life as rather eager artists. Our first art studios are the creches or primary schools of our youth or the tables of our family homes (also, sometimes the canvas itself, along with the walls and bed linen for the more […]

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Ellerman House
How To Celebrate A Birthday In Cape Town

“Some guy said to me: Don’t you think you’re too old to sing rock n’ roll? I said: You’d better check with Mick Jagger.”  ― Cher As time passes on, it is my hope that I, like Cher, like Mick, will never be too old to sing rock ‘n roll. (Not that I ever could, but I […]

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For The Love Of The Terrace
For the Love of the Terrace

The minute the sun begins to dip, Capetonians go in search of the terrace. The same has been said about Paris, but the preferred time in the City of Lights is when the sun starts to show its face. The terrace is part of the art de vivre in Paris as much as it is in Cape Town, […]

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shnit 5
How Film Can Change The World

“Using film to promote human rights and social change,” the brochure for the Tri Continental Film Festival 2015 reads. TCFF. Watch. Speak. Act. TCFF. Bringing films to the people. I was one of those people at the Tri Continental Film Festival in Cape Town this weekend, watching the magic from the front row. Citizen Four […]

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A Road Trip
The Art of The Road Trip

The art of the road trip is not merely about the car. But we’d be fibbing if we denied that it mattered at all. The car can, in truth, make or break the journey, depending on your strength of mind. The most progressed traveller is of course unperturbed by any slight of comfort, unbreakable no matter […]

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