Importance of Being Educated
The Importance Of Being Educated

Above: Anjajavy l’Hôtel A year or three ago, I found myself at my 10 year high school reunion. The school halls and teachers that had once, allegedly, been mine, seemed foreign, weird, like a limb that didn’t belong to me. I blamed my mind’s poor powers of retention. Freud might say I’m suppressing bad memories. He’d be right. Some of us […]

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Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre
Little Amanzi, The Water Prince

Above: “Linri telling the little water prince that his wish is her command.”| All images from Elephants Alive Since early last month, we have been actively following the story of little Amanzi, the latest elephant orphan to find its way into the care of the incredible team at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) – a […]

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How To Pack For A Purpose
What You Should Really Pack For Your Safari

“So much of our profound dissatisfaction in modern life arises because we live in increasingly disconnected ways. It is time for us to regain our connection to life.” – Jack Kornfield Travel – the act or process of travelling from one place to another. A perfectly good description but surely too simplistic. Travel is different things to different […]

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The Majesty of the Rhino
A Reminder of the Majesty of the Rhino

People have often rebuked the phrase “fighting for peace”, pointing out its irony and making us reconsider the ways we go about achieving the ends we hope for. Perhaps it’s a term best suited for marketing slogans or for those of us without the powers of pacifists like Ghandi and Mother Theresa. But there is […]

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