What Does Life in Paradise Actually Look Like?

Most people know about the weird upside down trees and long-limbed monkey people; the baobabs and the lemurs, the images that mark the postage stamps of this faraway Indian Ocean island. But if you research the destination of Madagascar for long enough you will uncover a […]

The Perks of Paradise

Oceans both separate and connect us. They’re a thing of terror as much as awe. They represent life and death. But rather than one thing or the other, oceans, before we add our thoughts and feelings to them, just are. They exist beyond “as far as […]

Madagascar Through Local Eyes

Why does someone leave life in the city of love for a hotel on the remote coast of Madagascar, the land where evolution ran wild? Cédric de Foucault, General Manager at Anjajavy l’Hôtel, explains his journey here, his visions of hope for the Indian Ocean island and his […]