The Only Relais & Châteaux Restaurant At Sea

Clouds, Champagne & Celeriac “What do you love most about being at sea?” I ask the seasoned Silversea traveller seated beside me. We’re at a special luncheon hosted by Relais & Châteaux, in the dining room of the La Champagne restaurant aboard the Silver Cloud – the only Relais & Châteaux restaurant at sea. I expect an answer […]

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The Perks of Paradise

Oceans both separate and connect us. They’re a thing of terror as much as awe. They represent life and death. But rather than one thing or the other, oceans, before we add our thoughts and feelings to them, just are. They exist beyond “as far as the eye can see”. And we can choose how we […]

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Whale Season
The Season of the Whale

The truth about whalesong is like much in life. Elusive, if not wholly unknown. We can philosophise and theorise but the truth about the enigmatic voices of whales and dolphins evades us. Nobody knows its true purpose or meaning. As the BBC documentary below states, “Scientists may one day find out the whole truth behind these extraordinary voices of the sea, but […]

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