A Spa Owner’s Guide To Mindful Travel

Of all the trips I have taken in life, the best ones have been the ones that were the most exhausting. For instance, those four days hustling Landrovers through the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park in search of wild dogs, Kingsley Holgate at the helm. Driving from sun up to […]

Higher Living at The Cellars-Hohenort

There is living and there is living – higher living, you could call it. In the same way that there is country music and then there is Dolly Parton. Tap water and San Pellegrino. Consider the art of tea making for instance…  The higher living way of brewing […]

The House of Health | Ellerman House

Health is one of the stealthiest of animals to pin down, a state of being we spend our lives seeking to acquire or hold onto. Some believe that the mind is the answer to all health, that, like time, it can heal all. But there are […]