Great Things Are Done When Men & Mountains (& Deserts) Meet

Relais Rides For Rhinos – Mission Accomplished Congrats to the rugged riders of this year’s Challenge4ACause expedition through the Damaraland Desert of Namibia. We had no doubt that our own Relais & Châteaux Africa representatives would finish, but for them to still be smiling at […]

The Art of Giving. And Giving Well.

It’s time. Time for compassion. Simple, beautiful, life-affirming, life-changing and life-saving compassion. There is always space for more empathy, more tenderness, more kindness, but sometimes you feel the need for it a little more intensely. As I do now. As perhaps you do too. In […]

A Wilderness Experience With Heart

At least once in life we find ourselves faced with the question, Am I brave enough? Do I have what it takes? And sometimes, most times, the only way to find out is to take the leap… One such time now faces the team of […]

The Importance Of Being Educated

Above: Anjajavy le lodge A year or three ago, I found myself at my 10 year high school reunion. The school halls and teachers that had once, allegedly, been mine, seemed foreign, weird, like a limb that didn’t belong to me. I blamed my mind’s poor powers of […]

Little Amanzi, The Water Prince

Above: “Linri telling the little water prince that his wish is her command.”| All images from Elephants Alive Since early last month, we have been actively following the story of little Amanzi, the latest elephant orphan to find its way into the care of the incredible […]