The Pursuit of Happiness ~ Ellerman House Remembers

  Looking back on the past decade, we wanted to remember the moments that stood out, that changed us, moved us and amazed us. We asked the team at Ellerman House in Cape Town to share their favourite uplifting moments and stories from the hotel. […]

A Relais & Châteaux Rendez-vous in Londontown

  The Beatles sang their great call for the world to come together and live as one. And there in Londontown for a week in November, it felt like we did. Hundreds of us, from Relais & Châteaux hotels, lodges, camps, restaurants around the world, in […]

Food for Change ~ Ellerman House & the Wild Cape Rock Oyster

  From the cool Cape waters… For Food for Change this year, Ellerman House took us into the ocean. The Atlantic Ocean, the second largest of the world’s oceans and one you peer longingly at from the terrace of this beautiful seafront hotel in Cape Town. […]

This is AtholPlace: Freedom, Peace and the Great Exhale

  A hotel room, a private garden and the kindness of strangers now like family. This is respite, this is the slow outside the fast, the sitting back and looking out. This is AtholPlace in Johannesburg, the seat in the middle of the dance, the […]