Be Still, My Beating Heart ~ The Peace of Esiweni

  “The light of oneness is available to all of us, present in hidden aquifers where life’s waters continue to flow, waiting in a living silence for us to notice.” ― Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Pemba has the biggest, most constant smile I’ve ever seen on a […]

When Safaris Go Deeper ~ Find the Others with Londolozi

  There are things we never forget about a safari, events and details that open our eyes and hearts and make us see that what started as a simple adventure deepened into something life-changing. Safaris at Londolozi Private Game Reserve don’t only change the lives […]

Discover the Private World of Elephants with Jabulani

  Paging through a book called Wild Lives, by Lori Robinson and Janie Chodosh, where Great Plains Conservation couple, Beverly and Dereck Joubert are featured alongside other conservationists, the preciousness of wildlife around the world truly strikes a cord. There’s insight from Mike Chase, Census […]