Lara’s Wellness Lessons from the Wild ~ Great Plains Conservation

  Sitting with Lara Delafield, Wellness Consultant for the Great Plains Conservation’s beautiful camps and lodges across Africa, I watch the words fall from her lips like petals from a wildflower in the wind. Petals so beautiful and intricate and complex that I gaze at […]

The Pursuit of Happiness ~ Ellerman House Remembers

  Looking back on the past decade, we wanted to remember the moments that stood out, that changed us, moved us and amazed us. We asked the team at Ellerman House in Cape Town to share their favourite uplifting moments and stories from the hotel. […]

When Safaris Go Deeper ~ Find the Others with Londolozi

  There are things we never forget about a safari, events and details that open our eyes and hearts and make us see that what started as a simple adventure deepened into something life-changing. Safaris at Londolozi Private Game Reserve don’t only change the lives […]

Some Things Last Forever ~ Epako Safari Lodge

  The safari vehicle stopped and we climbed out, our cameras around our necks and our closed shoes sweeping over the narrow dirt path winding into the bush. I had followed tracks like this to Bushman rock art before, further south in South Africa, at […]