An Island Christmas & New Year ~ 20 Degres Sud, Mauritius

  A Tropical Christmas & New Year’s at 20 Degres Sud, in Mauritius In this quiet corner of Grand Baie in the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, a few special somethings will be fuelling the festivities ~ grilled lobster, oysters, Nobu-style scallops and all the Champagne… In […]

The Art of Embracing Life – and the Sea

The Indian Ocean… it sinks beneath your skin and starts to alter the very ways you define yourself, the way you see life. I’ve never considered myself much of a sea person, opting for the mountains and forests instead, but perhaps the things we love […]

How to Create an Island Eden in the Seychelles

The conservationist is a certain, often less common, breed of adventurer. Not going merely into the dark to explore untrodden paths, to bring back tales of worlds apart, they use more than words and images to do their storytelling and, more importantly, to do their […]