Be Still, My Beating Heart ~ The Peace of Esiweni

  “The light of oneness is available to all of us, present in hidden aquifers where life’s waters continue to flow, waiting in a living silence for us to notice.” ― Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Pemba has the biggest, most constant smile I’ve ever seen on a […]

When Safaris Go Deeper ~ Find the Others with Londolozi

  There are things we never forget about a safari, events and details that open our eyes and hearts and make us see that what started as a simple adventure deepened into something life-changing. Safaris at Londolozi Private Game Reserve don’t only change the lives […]

Monkey Knows Best ~ Secrets of a Zanzibari Garden

  I didn’t truly see the garden until I was staring into the black face of a red colobus monkey. Up in the trees of the Oasis at Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas, a David Lynch character with white hair flapping in wayward directions stared […]