We’ll Always Have Cape Town!

  Had we said no to that lunch in the bright white Greenhouse, deterred by the wintry scenes through the windows that surround it, had we said no to dinner around that giant oak tree in The Conservatory, that night we forgot time. Had we […]

A Night with Arno Carstens ~ at Ellerman House

  I wish you had seen the way he shook his legs about. I wish I had captured it to show you but I couldn’t look away. No one could. No one did. You’d have seen them, those legs, if you were there with us, […]

The Kindness of Down-Time ~ AtholPlace Hotel & Villa

  The adventure and rush of safari life, the sunrises with elephants and sunsets with lions, dinners under the stars long into the night, these are moments you just want to make the most of. Every second… to see, do, feel, taste, touch, listen to every […]

The Songs of South Africa ~ David Kramer at Ellerman House

  If we’ve realised anything, listening to the musicians of the Ellerman Sessions, in that private wine gallery or terrace by the sea in Cape Town, it’s the power of music. Good music. Some of the best, you could say. Every musician has had a […]