The Wonders of a Woman Named Wayve ~ Ellerman House’s Sommelier

Wayve Kolevsohn, Sommelier at Ellerman House, has become the first female in Africa to pass the Court of Master Sommeliers Certified Sommelier exam. Widely considered to be the benchmark for international sommeliers in the USA and most of Europe, this prestigious qualification has never before […]

We Found Love in a Pink-Walled Boulangerie ~ Reunion Island

  It’s said that the trick to getting a sleepy, reluctant mind ready for a run or hike is to put on your socks and shoes and tie up the laces, nice and tight. This simple activity fools the body into thinking it’s ready. It’s […]

Be Still, My Beating Heart ~ The Peace of Esiweni

  “The light of oneness is available to all of us, present in hidden aquifers where life’s waters continue to flow, waiting in a living silence for us to notice.” ― Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Pemba has the biggest, most constant smile I’ve ever seen on a […]