When Safaris Go Deeper ~ Find the Others with Londolozi


There are things we never forget about a safari, events and details that open our eyes and hearts and make us see that what started as a simple adventure deepened into something life-changing. Safaris at Londolozi Private Game Reserve don’t only change the lives of the traveller, but also the people who live and work at the lodge: the Londolozi Family. It has an impact on the environment, on the protection of the natural world and the wild things in this Sabi Sand reserve in South Africa.

To showcase just how your safari has the power to effect positive change, the lodge has created a visual look here:


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The Power of Your Safari

in the words of Londolozi


Safaris are no longer simply about traveling to view animals in their natural habitat. Over the last decade the industry has undergone a rebirth; these days the focus is far more on a way to commune with nature, to rediscover the appeal of a stillness in life, and most importantly, to reconnect with oneself.

Many guests leave their safari having gained a far deeper appreciation of the importance of wild places, for the soul but also for the people who live on their fringes. Africa abounds with natural beauty, yet the economy of wildlife is a fragile one, dependent upon a synergy between visitors, the protection of wilderness areas, and the emotional investment of the communities that border them. We’ve been asked many times over the years exactly what benefits a single safari bestows upon the greater area, so we decided to work it out.



When you visit Londolozi, you are doing far more than immersing yourself in a thrilling wildlife experience; you are helping with the development and socio-economic wellbeing of a whole human ecosystem.

Community upliftment, rural education, healthcare, the creation of protected areas in which rhinos and other iconic species can roam freely… these are just a few of the ways in which your safari is having a positive impact on the reserve and its surrounding areas. Your safari means the power to improve the lives of both people and wildlife. Your safari means the power to make change.


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