Cauliflower Bavarois | A Recipe From Ellerman House


The first subject of our love story of the humble vegetable is a plant that has garnered, quite unexpectedly, celebrity status in recent months. It is the Cauliflower. And it owes its popularity to the banting movement – the low carb, high fat diet advocated by Tim Noakes that has taken over South Africa. This new breed of banters uses the vegetable for everything from mash and rice to pizza bases – echoing the health movement pioneered by Relais & Châteaux Chef, Michel Guérard, in the 70s, and the union of health and pleasure that it inspired. Love it or scoff at it, the movement has birthed a rise in unique cauliflower recipes. We gave our chefs of Africa the chance to add their artistry to the mix, to offer a distinctive Relais & Châteaux flair to the banter’s daily meals.

First to present is Chef Veronica Hibbert of Ellerman House, with a Cauliflower Bavarois – with sultana puree, gin foam and linseed crisp.


 Veronica Hibbert



 * For the gin foam above, you can replace the caster sugar with xylitol for those preferring a low sugar lifestyle.




In a 100 ml Verrine set the Cauliflower Bavoroise, squeeze a dollop of Sultana purée onto the set bavarois. Dress a micro cress salad and sprinkle onto the sultana purée. On pick up, pipe the gin and tonic foam onto the bavarois. The foam should reach 2/3 up. Lay a crisp onto the rim of the Verrine and serve immediately as an amuse bouche.

Outdoor dining at Ellerman House