This is AtholPlace: Freedom, Peace and the Great Exhale


A hotel room, a private garden and the kindness of strangers now like family.

This is respite, this is the slow outside the fast, the sitting back and looking out.

This is AtholPlace in Johannesburg, the seat in the middle of the dance, the “let’s take things slow” and “enjoy the in-between.”

For the traveller, this is an essential. It is sitting across from someone and letting nothing else enter the space. It is safety, certainty. It is a friend, taking your hand and saying, this is enough. It is your partner saying, be here with me, now, fully. It is me, myself and I, listening; the silence that calms the noise.

It is a shift in focus, to a new dish or wine, to the sun and bare feet, the flames in the fireplace dancing to music and the textures of the garden running through your fingers. It is the sinking deeper into the chair, the mind and heart, it is you and me.

This is AtholPlace, a sense of freedom, peace and the great exhale. This is AtholPlace and it is home.



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